Key Features

The complete PLINQO feature set is coming for Entity Framework. In the current version PLINQO offers these primary features over standard EF:

  • EDMX
    • Quickly and safely regenerate your database while keeping it in sync with your database model.
    • Ability to filter what gets updated from the database.
    • Ability to safely rename your entities with ease using a Clean Expression.
    • Preserves custom changes and meta-data to your EDMX file (E.G. Custom View keys are preserved against regeneration).
    • Better support for Views!
  • Entities
    • Each class is generated to a separate editable file.
    • Complex types are placed into a separate folder.
    • Ability to edit the generated code via the partial class.
    • Editable templates are easy to understand and modify.
  • Query Extensions
    • Bring back filtered data easily using chainable query extension methods.
    • Support for Comparison Operators (E.G., Equals, GreaterThan, GreaterThanOrEquals, LessThan, LessThanOrEquals and NotEquals)
    • Ability to create your own reusable query extensions.
  • QuickStart
    • Get up and running within a few seconds.
    • Ability to create a Dynamic Data for Entity Framework project with ease.