CodeSmith Generator API

Welcome to the CodeSmith Generator developer's API documentation. The CodeSmith Generator API documentation allows you to discover and consume the various CodeSmith Generator features programmatically. The Generator API documentation is available both in online and offline formats.

CodeSmith Generator exposes the entire operation of the CodeSmith Generator engine through an API. Through this API, you can compile templates, retrieve any errors, create instances of templates, get the generated source code, fill in template metadata, and ultimately render a template's output to a TextWriter, file, or string. This API allows you to perform many CodeSmith Generator operations from your own code in any .NET language, and lets you programmatically execute CodeSmith Generator templates from within your own code.

Remember, CodeSmith Generator is licensed on a per-developer basis. If your application depends on programmatically executing CodeSmith Generator templates, each user must have a license to use CodeSmith Generator.

Online Version

Please click here to view the CodeSmith Generator API documentation online, all you need is a modern web browser.

Offline Version

If you need to view the Generator API Documentation offline or on the go, you can download the offline version by clicking here. You will then be prompted to save the Generator API documentation to your computer.


After downloading the Generator API Documentation, you will need to unblock the downloaded GeneratorAPI.chm file by following these steps.