Getting Started

Getting started with PLINQO for NHibernate is an easy three step process.

Step 1: Download CodeSmith Generator

Download and install the latest version of CodeSmith Generator.

PLINQO for NHibernate requires the latest version of CodeSmith Generator.

If you have not previously registered with CodeSmith Tools or do not currently own a license of CodeSmith Generator, you will be required to register on the CodeSmith Tools website to get a trial key before using CodeSmith Generator.

Step 2: Find PLINQO for NHibernate

  1. Open Template Explorer
  2. Navigate to Frameworks\PLINQO-NH in the Generator Samples folder.

Step 3: Run the QuickStart

  1. Double click the quickstart.cst template
  2. Select a database
  3. Click generate!

Clicking generate will automatically open Visual Studio so that you can quickly get started using PLINQO for NHibernate!

Once the Visual Studio Solution has opened, build the project to generate PLINQO for NHibernate!

Manual Configuration

Add PLINQO to a pre-existing project.

Step 1: Open a Visual Studio Project

Either create a new project, or open the project that you want to add your NHibernate files to.

Step 2: Add a new CodeSmith Project (CSP) to your project.

  1. Open your project in Visual Studio.
  2. Right click on your project in Solution Explorer and add a "New Item"
  3. Under "Visual Studio C# Items", and add a "CodeSmith Project"

Step 3: Configurate your CSP for PLINQO for NHibernate

  1. Right click on the CSP and "Manage Outputs"
  2. Add Output, select Hbms.cst, and fill in the 2 required properties
  3. Add Output, select Entities.cst, and fill in the 2 required properties
  4. Add Output, select Queries.cst, and fill in the 1 required property

Step 4: Add a connection string to your App or Web config

  1. Name the connection string "nhiberante" or the name of your database

Step 5: Generate Outputs

  1. Right click on your CSP and Generate Outputs.
  2. Compile.
  3. Enjoy!