Using the QuickStart template

You will first need to open Template Explorer to display a list of templates that you can execute. Once opened, you will need to expand the CodeSmith Generator Samples\Frameworks\CSLA folder (by double clicking on each closed folder).

Once you see the QuickStart.cst Template, double click it or right click it and select Execute.

Now it's time to configure the QuickStart's template properties. Choose a Source Database by clicking the select “…” button for the Source Database property. 

In this tutorial, we will be generating against the PetShop database.

The QuickStart will now populate the property grid with the the default settings.

Finally, configure the settings to meet your requirements and click the Generate button

Click here to learn more about the QuickStart templates properties.

In the next step, we will learn about the generated Visual Studio solution that is created by the QuickStart.

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