The CodeSmith Generator CSLA template tutorial includes the various sections which will quickly help you become a master of Code Generation with the CSLA templates. Although there's a lot of depth to the CSLA templates, you can get started with it quickly. In this section of the documentation, we'll walk you through a few common code generation scenarios.

The CSLA templates require the latest version of CodeSmith Generator. If you haven't already downloaded and installed CodeSmith Generator, please do so before continuing.

If you have not previously registered with CodeSmith Tools or do not currently own a license of CodeSmith Generator, you will be required to register on the CodeSmith Tools website to get a trial key before using CodeSmith Generator.

Getting Started

The best way to understand the power of the CSLA template is to try it out. Although the CSLA templates have many advanced features, you can begin using it to help produce code without mastering all of those features. In this section, you'll learn how to use the CSLA QuickStart to quickly get up to speed.